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If you’re yet to migrate, securing resources is a great step towards future-proofing your site in readiness for an HTTPS migration. As we shall see, in many cases this can be done instantly and at zero expense.

The strength of these assertions is substantially weakened, however, when the encrypted and authenticated resource requests subresources (scripts, images, etc) over an insecure channel. Those resource requests result in a resource whose status is mixed, as insecure requests are wide open for man-in-the-middle attacks. This scenario is unfortunately quite common.

Browsers actually do a pretty good job at helping to keep everyday users safe and in-the-know while browsing, but as the Web gets more complex, we’ll have to evolve our communication just a bit. I feel like something along these lines is a good step in the right direction, as unofficial and hypothetical as it is.

This all comes down to the difference between HTTP and HTTPS. HTTP is the most commonly used type of connection — when you visit a website using the HTTP protocol, your connection to the website isn’t secured. Anyone eavesdropping on the traffic can see the page you’re viewing and any data you’re back and forth.

You can perform web searches right from the address bar. Just type in your search terms and hit Enter. Firefox will take you to your default search engine results page. This article will show you how to customize this feature.

Although this may work for you, it is NOT the correct course of action. At best it is a slow, round-about way of getting where you wanted to be. At worst it will take you to the wrong place or fail to find the website you’re looking for.

For any online retailer, we recommend Extended SSL. This ensures your payments, customer logins and members-only areas of your site remain secure from online threats. In addition, it adds the green bar to your site that makes your credentials immediately obvious, empowering you to give your customers even greater confidence in your site’s security. In fact, displaying these trust indicators has been proven to improve conversions and sales. According to a recent study, 90% of users are more likely to trust a website that displays security indicators and are more likely to leave their details or make a purchase when they know that their data is sent over a secure connection. 29% of customers looked for the green address bar, while an additional 35% looked for the name of the company in the address bar.

“the root cause of most of these vulnerabilities is the terrible design of the APIs to the underlying SSL libraries. Instead of expressing high-level security properties of network tunnels such as confidentiality and authentication, these APIs expose low-level details of the SSL protocol to application developers. As a consequence, developers often use SSL APIs incorrectly, misinterpreting and misunderstanding their manifold parameters, options, side effects, and return values.”

That familiar abbreviation stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol, and it’s the system that helps bring all that sweet content from the web down in front of your eyeballs. It’s the protocol that enables us to interact with the World Wide Web. Unfortunately, it can also provide an opportunity for bad people to inject all kinds of shenanigans into the browsing process, from secretly sending bad software to your machine to tricking you into looking at a site that’s not what it claims, like imitating your bank’s website, for example, and getting you to enter your username and password

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The search bar is used when you either don’t know the exact address of a site you are looking for, or when you would like to find multiple sites on a single topic. When you use the search box you will be given a list of websites that the search engine feels best meets the criteria of your search. This is the search box:

There is a similar process to display the About pop-up window and to properly close it. Once the user clicks on the About link in the HTML Sample application, the About box window will be displayed. Similar to the above example, the user should right-click on the information bar and click on “Allow Blocked Content…’ Further on, click the ‘Yes’ button on the Security Warning window. Finally, click the OK button on the About box to close the window.

The system can also be used for client authentication in order to limit access to a web server to authorized users. To do this, the site administrator typically creates a certificate for each user, a certificate that is loaded into their browser. Normally, that contains the name and e-mail address of the authorized user and is automatically checked by the server on each reconnect to verify the user’s identity, potentially without even entering a password.

The second type and the one that is more common is “mixed passive content” or “mixed display content.” This occurs when an HTTPS site loads something like an image or audio file over an HTTP connection. This type of content can’t really ruin the security of the page in the same way, so web browsers don’t react as strictly as they do for “active mixed content”. However, it’s still a bad security practice that could cause problems. Probably the most common cause of all mixed content warnings is when a site that is supposed to be secure is configured to pull images from an unsecured source.

Secure unlimited subdomains Choosing the ‘Wildcard’ option below means the certificate is issued to *.yourdomain.com. The certificate can then be used on an unlimited number of subdomains. Any new sub domains you add to your site will be covered.

SSL secures millions of peoples’ data on the Internet every day, especially during online transactions or when transmitting confidential information. Internet users have come to associate their online security with the lock icon that comes with an SSL-secured website or green address bar that comes with an Extended Validation SSL-secured website. SSL-secured websites also begin with https rather than http.

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1. Our strategic goal is to develop the highest-grade Security Tools that provide maximum website protection without exception. Our tools set themselves apart from all other vendor products by not adhering to an update schedule. The release of a virus update is immediate once a new threat appears and is analyzed.

Not only does an SSL protect you and your customer’s sensitive data, it gives your site an SEO boost and reassures your users of the authenticity of your website, helping you to gain their trust and sell more.

One day, you load up your site in your browser, and find that it’s not there, or it redirects to a porn site, or your site is full of adverts for performance-enhancing drugs. What do you do? What to do if your website gets hacked. Here are some steps you have to take. Read more…

In the European Union, electronic signatures on legal documents are commonly performed using digital signatures with accompanying identity certificates. This is largely because such signatures are granted the same enforceability as handwritten signatures under eIDAS, an EU regulation.

Because HTTPS piggybacks HTTP entirely on top of TLS, the entirety of the underlying HTTP protocol can be encrypted. This includes the request URL (which particular web page was requested), query parameters, headers, and cookies (which often contain identity information about the user). However, because host (website) addresses and port numbers are necessarily part of the underlying TCP/IP protocols, HTTPS cannot protect their disclosure. In practice this means that even on a correctly configured web server, eavesdroppers can infer the IP address and port number of the web server (sometimes even the domain name e.g. www.example.org, but not the rest of the URL) that one is communicating with, as well as the amount (data transferred) and duration (length of session) of the communication, though not the content of the communication.[5]

There are actually two types of mixed content. The more dangerous one is “mixed active content” or “mixed scripting.” This occurs when an HTTPS site loads a script file over HTTP. The script file can run any code on the page it wants to, so loading a script over an insecure connection completely ruins the security of the current page. Web browsers generally block this type of mixed content completely.

If you use a common Ecommerce platform like Magento or WooCommerce (based on WordPress), then they will have a default admin area. Just by changing this you can prevent most lazy hacks who will just be looking for easy targets.

Jump up ^ Dennis Fisher (September 13, 2012). “CRIME Attack Uses Compression Ratio of TLS Requests as Side Channel to Hijack Secure Sessions”. ThreatPost. Archived from the original on September 15, 2012. Retrieved 2012-09-13.

If you are collecting ANY sensitive information on your website (including email and password), then you need to be secure. One of the best ways to do that is to enable HTTPS, also known as SSL (secure socket layers), so that any information going to and from your server is automatically encrypted. The prevents hackers from sniffing out your visitors’ sensitive information as it passes through the internet.

As more information is revealed about global mass surveillance and criminals stealing personal information, the use of HTTPS security on all websites is becoming increasingly important regardless of the type of Internet connection being used.[8][9] While metadata about individual pages that a user visits is not sensitive, when combined, they can reveal a lot about the user and compromise the user’s privacy.[10][11][12]

Follow the instructions and fill in your personal details – such as your name, address and email address. Any blank box with an asterisk next to it must be filled in. When you have done this, a summary page will usually appear. This lists the billing details for the item you are buying. Check that all the information is correct.

The Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) is the software management system and database system that allows to sign certifcate, keep a list of revoked certificates, distribute public key,… You can usually access it via a website and/or ldap server. There will be also some people checking that you are who you are… For securing individual applications, you can use any well known commercial PKI as their root CA certificate is most likely to be inside your browser/application. The problem is for securing e-mail, either you get a generic type certificate for your e-mail or you must pay about USD100 a year per certificate/e-mail address. There is also no way to find someone’s public key if you have never received a prior e-mail with his certificate (including his public key).

SSL Certificates are small data files that digitally bind a cryptographic key to an organization’s details. When installed on a web server, it activates the padlock and the https protocol (over port 443) and allows secure connections from a web server to a browser.

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Ist eine Website Ziel einer Cyberattacke, kann diese durch den Angriff komplett lahmgelegt werden. In diesem Fall verlieren Sie mögliche Kunden oder Interessenten, die bis zur Behebung des Problems nicht auf Ihre Seite zugreifen können. Viel verheerender ist allerdings der Diebstahl von sensiblen Daten oder der Befall Ihrer Website mit Viren, die sich automatisch auf den PCs Ihrer Seitenbesucher installieren. All dies führt im schlimmsten Fall zu einem Vertrauensverlust von Kunden und Partnern, wenn nicht sogar zu Umsatzeinbußen oder Strafzahlungen.

Client certificates are less common than server certificates, and are used to authenticate the client connecting to a TLS service, for instance to provide access control. Because most services provide access to individuals, rather than devices, most client certificates contain an email address or personal name rather than a hostname. Also, because authentication is usually managed by the service provider, client certificates are not usually issued by a public CA that provides server certificates. Instead, the operator of a service that requires client certificates will generally operate their own internal CA to issue them. Client certificates are supported by many web browsers, but most services use passwords and cookies to authenticate users, instead of client certificates.

Für die Verschlüsselung von Webseiten steht eine Vielzahl verschiedenster SSL-Zertifikate zur Verfügung. Sie unterscheiden sich z.B. durch die Stärke der Verschlüsselung, die Art der Validierung, (Domainvalidierung oder Identitätsvalidierung), die Zertifikatsart (Single, Wildcard, Multidomain) oder hinsichtlich der Akzeptanz durch die verschiedenen Browser. In erster Linie sollte der Einsatzzweck bestimmen, welche Art von Zertifikat in Frage kommt.

Zusammensetzung gemäß einem der vorhergehenden Ansprüche, wobei die Nukleotidanaloga oder zweiten Nukleinsäuresonden eine nachweisbare Markierung umfassen. Composition according to one of the preceding claims, wherein the nucleotide analogs or second nucleic acid probes comprise a detectable label.

The most crucial point is that the CA that you choose is a member of the root certificate programs of the most commonly used operating systems and web browsers, i.e. it is a “trusted” CA, and its root certificate is trusted by common browsers and other software. If your website’s SSL certificate is signed by a trusted” CA, its identity is considered to be valid by software that trusts the CA–this is in contrast to self-signed SSL certificates, which also provide encryption capabilities but are accompanied by identity validation warnings that are off-putting to most website visitors.

Bei unverschlüsseltem HTTP ist das nicht erforderlich: Seitdem Browser den Hostnamen im HTTP-Header mitsenden, können mehrere virtuelle Webserver mit je eigenem Hostnamen auf einer IP-Adresse bedient werden, zum Beispiel bei Apache über den NameVirtualHost-Mechanismus. Dieses Verfahren wird inzwischen bei der weit überwiegenden Zahl der Domains benutzt, da hier der Domain-Eigner selbst Server betreibt.

Change to the directory that contains your private key, certificate, and the CA intermediate certificates (in the intermediate.crt file). We will assume that they are in your home directory for the example:

Sollen mehrere Domains oder Subdomains per SSL gesichert werden, kannst Du ein Multidomain- oder Wildcard-Zertifikat wählen. Zunächst werden die Kosten zwar höher sein als für ein Einzelzertifikat, doch in der Summe ist es günstiger, wenn Du mehrere Domains mit einer Multidomain-Version schützt. Die Zertifikate für mehrere Domains werden auch „Subject-Alternative-Names-Zertifkate“, kurz SAN-Zertifikate genannt.

Eine typische Array Anordnung wie ein Kügelchen kann eine große Population von relativ dicht gepackten Sondennukleinsäuren enthalten. A typical array assembly such as a bead may contain a large population of relatively densely packed probe nucleic acids. Nach Hybridisierung von Zielnukleinsäuren unter vielen Bedingungen wird nur ein Teil des Sondennachweis-Assays durch ein komplementäres Ziel belegt sein. After hybridization of target nucleic acids under many conditions only part of the probe detection assays will be occupied by a complementary target. Unter solchen Bedingungen ist es möglich, dass dicht gepackte Sonden Inter-Sondenstrukturen ausbilden, die zugänglich sind für ektopische Primer-Verlängerungen. Under such conditions it is possible that densely packed probes train Inter-probe structures that are accessible to ectopic primer extensions. Weiterhin, wie in Further, as in 13A 13A gezeigt, können auch Sonden mit selbstkomplementären Sequenzstrukturen ausbilden, die der ektopischen Primer-Verlängerung zugänglich sind. shown, the probes are able to form with self-complementary sequence structures that are accessible to the ectopic primer extension. Ektopische Verlängerungen bedeuten die Modifikation eines hoher oder beider Sonden in einem Inter- oder Intra-Sondenhybrid während einer Verlängerungsreaktion. Ectopic extensions mean the modification of a high or both probes in an inter- or intra-probe hybrid during an extension reaction. Die ektopische Verlängerung kann stattfinden unabhängig von dem Vorhandensein eines hybridisierten Ziels an dem Array. Ectopic extension can take place regardless of the presence of a hybridized target to the array.

Wenn Du Dich nun für ein Zertifikat entscheiden willst, solltest Du Dich zunächst fragen, wie viel Sicherheit und Vertrauen Du Deinen Besuchern bieten möchtest. Denke dabei auch daran, wie stark Deine Marke bisher ist. So kann Deine Marke zum Beispiel mit dem Zertifikat verbunden werden und alle unter der Marke veröffentlichen Domains werden geschützt.

Vorhängeschlösser stammen aus antiken Griechenland und Rom. Vorhängeschlösser verwendet werden, um Koffer und andere Gegenstände von nicht autorisierten Personen geöffnet schützen. Wenn Sie den Schlüssel verlieren oder vergessen, die Verbindung zu einem Vorhängeschloss, müssen Sie das Schloss, um es zu öffnen brechen. Die meisten Methoden der Öffnung des Schlosses mit Gewalt ist einfach, solange Sie die richtigen Werkzeuge haben.

Wenn Sie das Thawte® Trusted Site-Siegel anzeigen, können Ihre Kunden auf die Vertrauensmarke klicken und sich Identifikationsdaten zur Website, der verifizierenden Zertifizierungsstelle (wie etwa Thawte) sowie dem Ablaufdatum des SSL-Zertifikats anzeigen lassen. Bei neueren Browsern erscheinen die Identifikationsinformationen zur Website, wenn User den Mauszeiger über die Adressleiste bewegen. Sie können auch auf das geschlossene Vorhangschloss-Symbol klicken.

Eine in der Erfindung geeignete Nukleinsäure kann auch native oder nicht-native Basen umfassen. A suitable in the invention, nucleic acid may also include native or non-native bases. In dieser Hinsicht kann eine native Desoxyribonukleinsäure ein oder mehrere Basen ausgewählt aus der Gruppe bestehend aus Adenin, Thymin, Cytosin oder Guanin aufweisen und eine Ribonukleinsäure kann eine oder mehrere Basen ausgewählt aus der Gruppe bestehend aus Uracil, Adenin, Cytosin oder Guanin aufweisen. In this regard, a native deoxyribonucleic acid may comprise one or more bases selected from the group consisting of adenine, thymine, cytosine or guanine and a ribonucleic acid, one or more bases selected from the group consisting of uracil, adenine, cytosine or guanine have. Beispielhafte nicht-native Basen, die in einer Nukleinsäure umfasst sein können mit einem nativen Rückgrat oder einer analogen Struktur umfassen, ohne Beschränkung, Inosin, Xathanin (SIC!), Hypoxathanin (SIC!), Isocytosin, Isoguanin, 5-Methylcytosin, 5-Hydroxymethylcytosin, 2-Aminoadenin, 6-Methyladenin, 6-Methylguanin, 2-Propylguanin, 2-Propyladenin, 2-Thiouracil, 2-Thiothymin, 2-Thiocytosin, 15-Halouracil, 15-Halocytosin, 5-Propynyluracil, 5-Propynylcytosin, 6-Azouracil, 6-Azocytosin, 6-Azothymin, 5-Uracil, 4-Thiouracil, 8-Haloadenin oder -guanin, 8-Aminoadenin oder -guanin, 8-Thioladenin oder -guanin, 8-Thioalkyladenin oder -guanin, 8-Hydroxyadenin oder -guanin, 5-halo substituiertes Uracil oder Cytosin, 7-Methylguanin, 7-Methyladenin, 8-Azaguanin, 8-Azaadenin, 7-Deazaguanin, 7-Deazaadenin, 3-Deazaguanin, 3-Deazaadenin oder dergleichen. Exemplary non-native bases that can be included in a nucleic acid comprising a native backbone or an analogous structure, without limitation, inosine, xathanine (sic) hypoxathanine (sic!), Isocytosine, isoguanine, 5-methylcytosine, 5- hydroxymethylcytosine, 2-aminoadenine, 6-methyladenine, 6-methylguanine, 2-propylguanine, 2-propyladenine, 2-thiouracil, 2-thiothymine, 2-thiocytosine, 15-Halouracil, 15-halo cytosine, 5-Propynyluracil, 5-propynylcytosine, 6-azo uracil, 6-Azocytosin, 6-Azothymin, 5-uracil, 4-thiouracil, 8-halo adenine or guanine, 8-aminoadenine or guanine, 8-thiol adenine or guanine, 8-Thioalkyladenin or guanine, 8- hydroxyadenine or guanine, 5-halo-substituted uracil or cytosine, 7-methylguanine, 7-methyladenine, 8-azaguanine, 8-azaadenine, 7-deazaguanine, 7-deazaadenine, 3-deazaguanine, 3-deazaadenine or the like. Eine besondere Ausführungsform kann Isocytosin und Isoguanin in einer Nukleinsäure umfassen, um die nicht spezifische Hybridisierung zu verringern, wie allgemein beschrieben in A particular embodiment may isocytosine and isoguanine in a nucleic acid comprising, in order to reduce the non-specific hybridization, as is generally described in US Pat. Nr. 5,681,702 US Pat. Nos. 5,681,702 . ,

Bedenke bei einem Wechsel allerdings, dass die Prüfung Deiner Seite einige Tage in Anspruch nehmen kann. Geprüft wird Deine Seite übrigens auch bei einer Verlängerung. Du solltest deshalb am besten mindestens 30 Tage vor Ablauf des Zertifikats eine Verlängerung beantragen oder alternativ das neue Zertifikat beantragen. So verhinderst Du eine doppelte Buchung von Zertifikaten und vermeidest eine Doppelzahlung, da die SSL-Zertifikate immer im Voraus für mindestens 12 Monate bezahlt werden müssen.

Das Rote Schloss wurde von 1574 bis 1576 als Witwensitz der Herzogin Dorothea Susanne (1544-1592) erbaut. Das Renaissanceportal enthält das Allianzwappen der Herzogin, geborene von der Pfalz, und des Herzogs Johann Wilhelm I. von Weimar-Eisenach (1530-1573).

Durchs generelle Erlauben gibt man diesen potentiell unsicheren Inhalten Raum zur freien Entfaltung – das kann auch mal ein Virus in einem Werbebanner sein oder ein Trojaner, der sich an die Eingaben für das Onlinebanking reinhängt.

Wie in As in 13B 13B gezeigt, kann die ektopische Verlängerung verringert werden durch Inkubieren einer Population von Sonden mit einem Protein oder einem weiteren Mittel, das selektiv an einzelsträngige Nukleinsäuren bindet wie SSB, T4 Gen 32 oder dergleichen. demonstrated the ectopic extension can be reduced by incubating a population of probes with a protein or other agent that selectively binds to single-stranded nucleic acids such as SSB, T4 gene 32, or the like. Das Mittel oder Protein kann hinzugefügt werden unter Bedingungen, bei denen es die Einzeistrangsonden bedeckt, die nicht an eine Zielnukleinsäure hybridisiert worden sind und verhindert dadurch die Selbstanlagerung und die nachfolgende Verlängerung. The agent or protein may be added under conditions in which it covers the Einzeistrangsonden, which have not hybridized to a target nucleic acid and thereby prevents the Self-Assemble and subsequent extension. Ein Mittel wie ein Protein, das an einzelsträngige Sonden bindet, kann hinzugefügt werden an eine Population von Sonden vor oder während einer Primer-Verlängerungsreaktion, beispielsweise, vor oder während eines Anlagerungsschrittes. An agent such as a protein, that binds to single-stranded probes can be added to a population of probes before or during a primer extension reaction, for example, before or during an annealing step.

Rating 10 due to Chris Page’s customer service – really glad to have received an email midway through trying to purchase a certificate to say he was familiar with MOSL certificate renewal & was quick to help me through phone & email

Ein UCC (Unified Communications Certificate) ist ein SSL-Zertifikat, das mehrere Domainnamen und Hostnamen unter einem Domainnamen schützt. Über ein UCC-SSL kannst du mit einem einzigen Zertifikat einen Hauptdomainnamen und bis zu 99 zusätzliche SAN (Subject Alternative Names) schützen. Beispielsweise www.domains1.com, www.domains2.net und www.domains3.org.

Validierungsart: Je umfangreicher die Validierung ist, desto teurer wird das SSL/TLS-Zertifikat, da der personelle Aufwand für die Prüfung des Zertifikatsinhabers größer wird. Dabei gilt: domainvalidierte SSL-Zertifikate stellen die niedrigste Validierungsstufe und Erweitert Validierte SSL-Zertifikate die höchste dar. Dementsprechend ist auch die Preisgestaltung.

(a) in Kontaktbringen einer amplifizierten repräsentativen Population von Genomfragmenten mit einem Array von wenigstens 100 000 unterschiedlichen immobilisierten Nukleinsäuresonden unter Bedingungen, bei denen immobilisierte Sonden-Fragmenthybride gebildet werden, wobei die amplifizierte repräsentative Population von Genomfragmenten eine Komplexität von wenigstens 1 Gigabase umfasst; (A) contacting an amplified representative population of genomic fragments with an array of at least 100 000. different immobilized nucleic acid probes under conditions where immobilized probes fragment hybrids are formed, said amplified representative population of genomic fragments comprising a complexity of at least 1 gigabase; und and

Obwohl Verfahren zur Verringerung der ektopischen Verlängerung vorstehend beispielhaft ausgeführt wurden hinsichtlich von Array-gebundenen Sonden erkennt, erkennt der Fachmann, dass die Verfahren in ähnlicher Weise auf Verlängerungsreaktionen in anderen Formaten wie Lösungsphasereaktionen oder Kügelchen, die in flüssiger Phase räumlich getrennt vorliegen, angewendet werden kann. Although methods to reduce ectopic extension been stated above by way of example recognizes respect of array-bound probes, the skilled worker recognizes that the method can be similarly applied to extension reactions in other formats such as solution phase reactions or beads, which are spatially separated in the liquid phase ,

“change http to https in apache |change from http to https”

It’s a busy time of year (isn’t it always?) and you’re keen to get your hands on the latest gizmo, those hard-to-find gig tickets or a holiday in the sun … anything you buy online. Back to the gizmo, so you google, say, notonthehighstreet.com  Click on the link, and up pops notonhehighstreet.com – and there’s your gizmo right on the home page. Click ‘buy’, click ‘pay’ … job done, and it’s next-day delivery.

Not only does an SSL protect you and your customer’s sensitive data, it gives your site an SEO boost and reassures your users of the authenticity of your website, helping you to gain their trust and sell more.

The online chat support was fantastic. I had trouble installing my certificate and support solved my issues. It leaves me feeling confident that there is technical support behind the products purchased. Thank you.

The green padlock is a complicated thing. And the issue is how to condense those complications for the average user. While I, and others, may be interested in the my parents, for example, are not. And they should not be restricted from using the web simply because they do not have an university degree in software engineering. While there is of course some onus on people not to be tricked into obvious fraudulent websites, I do think there is a real problem here, and we as a technology community have not come up with a solution to that problem and we should.

You have the Classic Theme Restorer extension and that makes the Navigation Toolbar work differently. You can check the settings of this extension in its Options/Preferences in Firefox/Tools > Add-ons > Extensions. It is also possible to hide the Navigation Toolbar when CTR is installed and enabled.

Polk, Tim; McKay, Kerry; Chokhani, Santosh (April 2014). “Guidelines for the Selection, Configuration, and Use of Transport Layer Security (TLS) Implementations” (PDF). National Institute of Standards and Technology. Archived from the original (PDF) on 2014-05-08. Retrieved 2014-05-07.

Note: Do not send any sort of sensitive information (bank information, credit card data, Social Security Numbers, etc.) to sites where the Site Identity button has a gray padlock with red strikethrough icon.

The highest level of validation, Extended Validation (EV), is the safest and most extensive. With Extended Validation the company requesting the certificate has to prove their identity as well as their legitimacy as a business. You can tell if a site has an EV certificate by looking at the address bar. Browsers show a green address bar with a lock icon for websites with EV certificates, as shown in the picture below.

SSL 2.0 uses the TCP connection close to indicate the end of data. This means that truncation attacks are possible: the attacker simply forges a TCP FIN, leaving the recipient unaware of an illegitimate end of data message (SSL 3.0 fixes this problem by having an explicit closure alert).

I sent in an email inquiry and received a prompt reference answering my question. I called the “sales” prompt on the call in number and spoke to (not only a live Person) a very helpful professional woman named Grace. She deserves an award.

The search field is for when you don’t know the URL of the website, or if you want to visit a number of websites with a similar topic. For example, if you want to learn about using video cameras and you have been told to visit www.mediacollege.com, simply enter this address into the address bar. However if you don’t know the URL or if you’d like to find some other sites with the same type of content, you could type “video camera tutorials” into the search field. This will give you a list of possible websites which match your search query.

If you are using third-party software on your website such as a CMS or forum, you should ensure you are quick to apply any security patches. Most vendors have a mailing list or RSS feed detailing any website security issues. WordPress, Umbraco and many other CMSes notify you of available system updates when you log in.

Warning: You should never send any sort of sensitive information (bank information, credit card data, Social Security Numbers, etc.) to a website without the padlock icon in the address bar – in this case it is neither verified that you are communicating with the intended website, nor is your data safe against eavesdropping!

Although this vulnerability only exists in SSL 3.0 and most clients and servers support TLS 1.0 and above, all major browsers voluntarily downgrade to SSL 3.0 if the handshakes with newer versions of TLS fail unless they provide the option for a user or administrator to disable SSL 3.0 and the user or administrator does so[citation needed]. Therefore, the man-in-the-middle can first conduct a version rollback attack and then exploit this vulnerability.[50]

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Das Kontextmenü der Adressleiste enthält Aktionen, um zwischen den beiden Modi zu wechseln und den Pfad über die Zwischenablage zu kopieren und einzufügen. Aktivieren Sie die letzte Einstellung in diesem Kontextmenü, um entweder den vollständigen Pfad mit dem Basisordner des Dateisystems als Start oder den Pfad mit dem aktuellen Orte-Eintrag als Start anzuzeigen.

Wenn wir im Internet unterwegs sind, hinterlassen wir nicht nur unbewusst (verwertbare) Fußspuren, sondern geben oftmals aktiv sensible Daten von uns preis. Ohne das wären beispielsweise Newsletter-Anmeldungen, Shop-Bestellungen oder Online-Banking ja auch nicht möglich. Da Phishing und Cyberkriminalität jedoch kontinuierlich zunehmen, wird die Sicherheit der eigenen Daten immer wichtiger. … mehr lesen… about Ist Ihre gesichert? SSL-Zertifikate als Teil des Markenvertrauens!

Ein Gegenstand der Erfindung besteht darin, ein sensitives und genaues Verfahren zum gleichzeitigen Abfragen einer Vielzahl von Genloci in einer DNA-Probe bereitzustellen. An object of the invention is to provide a sensitive and accurate method for simultaneously interrogating a plurality of loci in a DNA sample. Insbesondere kann ein erfindungsgemäßes Verfahren verwendet werden zum Bestimmen des Genotyps eines Individuums durch den direkten Nachweis einer Vielzahl von einzelnen Nukleotidpolymorphismen in einer Probe der genomischen DNA oder cDNA eines Individuums. In particular, a method of the invention can be used to determine the genotype of an individual by direct detection of a plurality of individual nucleotide polymorphisms in a sample of genomic DNA or cDNA of an individual. Ein Vorteil der Erfindung besteht darin, dass ein kleiner Anteil von genomischer DNA von einem Individuum erhalten werden kann und amplifiziert werden kann unter Erhalt einer amplifizierten repräsentativen Population von Genom-Fragmenten, die in den Verfahren der Erfindung abgefragt werden können. An advantage of the invention is that a small fraction of genomic DNA may be obtained from an individual and can be amplified to obtain an amplified representative population of genomic fragments that can be interrogated in the methods of the invention. Daher sind die Verfahren besonders zur Genotypisierung genomischer DNA geeignet, die aus relativ kleinen Gewebeproben, wie Biopsie oder Archivproben, erhalten werden. Thus, the methods are particularly suitable for genotyping genomic DNA, which are obtained from relatively small tissue samples such as biopsy or archive samples. Allgemein werden die Verfahren verwendet zum Amplifizieren einer relativ geringen Anzahl von Templategenomkopien. Generally, the methods are used to amplify a relatively small number of template genome copies. In besonderen Ausführungsformen kann eine genomische DNA-Probe aus einer Einzelzelle erhalten werden und genotypisiert werden. In particular embodiments, a genomic DNA sample can be obtained from a single cell and be genotyped.

“Sicherheitswarnung – Möchten Sie nur die Webseiteninhalte anzeigen, die über eine sichere Verbindung übermittelt wurden? Diese Webseite enthält Inhalte, die nicht über eine sichere HTTPS-Verbindung übermittelt werden. Hierdurch kann die Sicherheit der ganzen Webseite beeinträchtigt werden.” (Internet Explorer

Damit nun eine Webseite über https mit ssl-Verschlüsselung aufgerufen werden kann muss auf dem Server dieser Dienst bereitgestellt werden. Um es vorweg zu nehmen – unser Serverpartner artfiles bietet generell für alle dort liegenden Domains auch die sichere Übertragungsvariante an. In der praktischen Anwendung reicht dies allerdings nicht aus. Damit die Verschlüsselung auch von Ihrem Browser sicher dargestellt wird, bedarf es einem Zertifikat, das belegt, dass eben diese Verbindung auch wirklich sicher ist.

Anleitungen zur Verwendung der verpackten Reagenzien oder Bestandteile werden auch typischerweise in einen erfindungsgemäßen Kit eingeschlossen. Instructions for use of the packaged reagents or components are also typically included in a kit of the invention. „Gebrauchsanweisung” umfasst typischerweise einen konkreten Ausdruck, der die Reagenzien oder Bestandteil-Konzentration beschreibt oder wenigstens einen Assay-Verfahrensparameter wie die relativen Mengen der Kit-Bestandteile und hinzu zu mischenden Proben, Aufbewahrungszeiten für Reagenz-Probengemische, Temperatur, Pufferbedingungen und dergleichen. “Instructions for use” typically include a tangible expression describing the reagent or component concentration or at least one assay method parameter such as the relative amounts of the kit components and to be mixed samples, storage periods for reagent-sample mixtures, temperature, buffer conditions and the like.

HTTPS sorgt für eine sichere Datenübertragung zwischen Server und Webbrowser, da die Daten verschlüsselt übertragen werden. Die Verschlüsselung geschieht mittels SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) bzw. TLS (Transport Layer Security).

Beim Java Script habt ihr mich falsch verstanden. Ich wollte die Daten mit PHP aus der Datenbank auslesen (verschlüsselt) und sie erst im Browser des Benutzers entschlüsseln. Aber wahrscheinlich ist das keine gute Idee.

Firefox: Im Firefox blenden Sie nach Belieben ein separates Suchfeld ein. Klicken Sie hierfür mit rechts auf eins der Icons und wählen Sie Anpassen. Im neuen Tab gibts einige Elemente, die Sie völlig frei per Maus aus dem Werkzeugkasten in die Symbolleiste ziehen können – und umgekehrt. Falls Sie in der Leiste das Suchfeld vermissen, dürften Sie es hier finden. Schieben Sie es einfach an die gewünschte Stelle in der Symbolleiste. Klicken Sie auf Anpassung schliessen.

Dieses Beispiel beschreibt Verfahren zur Gesamtgenomamplifikation von Bisulfit-behandelter DNA. This example describes methods for Gesamtgenomamplifikation of bisulfite-treated DNA. Typischer Weise erzeugt Bisulfit-Behandlung von DNA wesentliche Depurinierung und unter gleichzeitiger Fragmentierung der DNA. Typically generates significant depurination bisulfite treatment of DNA and simultaneous fragmentation of the DNA. Das fragmentierte Produkt wird typischer Weise in geringer Ausbeute amplifiziert unter Verwendung von Strangersetzungspolymerasen in Zufallsprimergesamtgenomamplifikationsansätzen. The fragmented product is typically in low yield amplified using strand replacement polymerases in Zufallsprimergesamtgenomamplifikationsansätzen. Zwei Ansätze für die Verbesserung der Amplifikationsausbeute werden hierin beschrieben. Two approaches for improving Amplifikationsausbeute described herein. Der erste Ansatz ist die Konkatenierung der fragmentierten Probe und die Verwendung der längeren konkatenierten Produkte als Templates für die Strangersetzungszufallsprimeramplifikation. The first approach is the concatenation of the fragmented sample and the use of the longer concatenated products as templates for the Strangersetzungszufallsprimeramplifikation. Der zweite Ansatz erzeugt eine Repräsentation aus den fragmentierten Zielen durch das Hinzufügen von Universalprimerstellen an die Enden der Fragmente. The second approach creates a representation of the fragmented locations by the addition of universal priming sites at the ends of the fragments.

Verschlüsselten Webseiten (= SSL gesichert) sind durch “https://” bzw. je nach Webbrowser durch ein Schlosssymbol erkennbar. Dies wird genutzt, damit Dritte bei den übermittelten Daten nicht mitlesen können. Wie jedem wohl klar ist, ist dies wichtig bei Kennwörter, Onlinebezahlung (z.B. mit Kreditkarte), Netbanking und vieles mehr.

Diese Ergebnisse zeigen, dass der Einschluss von SSB in einem Primerverlängerunsassay die ektopische Verlängerung unterdrückt während die allelspezifische Verlängerung beibehalten wird oder verbessert wird. These results show that the inclusion of SSB suppressed the ectopic extension in a Primerverlängerunsassay while the allele-specific extension is maintained or improved. Weitere Untersuchungen zeigten, dass der Einschluss von SSB in eine array-basierte ASPE-Reaktion die allelische Unterscheidung verbesserte. Further investigation showed that the inclusion of SSB improved the allelic discrimination in a array-based ASPE reaction.

Clientseitige Eingabe der httpS-Variante oder Browser-Plug-in (z. B. für Firefox und Chrome „HTTPS Everywhere“), welches http-Anfragen durch https-Anfragen ersetzt, bei Diensten, die beide Varianten unterstützen.

“change site to https |jboss change http to https”

“Web security” is relative and has two components, one internal and one public. Your relative security is high if you have few network resources of financial value, your company and site aren’t controversial in any way, your network is set up with tight permissions, your web server is patched up to date with all settings done correctly, your applications on the web server are all patched and updated, and your web site code is done to high standards.

Jump up ^ Dennis Fisher (September 13, 2012). “CRIME Attack Uses Compression Ratio of TLS Requests as Side Channel to Hijack Secure Sessions”. ThreatPost. Archived from the original on September 15, 2012. Retrieved 2012-09-13.

Together, these assertions give the user some assurance that example.com is the only entity that can read and respond to her requests (caveat: without shocking amounts of work) and that the bits she’s received are indeed those that example.com actually sent.

These links can be located in theme files, plugins, or maybe in a widget you inserted on your site. Sometimes images are inserted from another website with that website’s URL, which won’t work anymore if that URL can’t load on SSL.

The fact that most modern websites, including Google, Yahoo!, and Amazon, use HTTPS causes problems for many users trying to access public Wi-Fi hot spots, because a Wi-Fi hot spot login page fails to load if the user tries to open an HTTPS resource [43][44]. Several websites, such as nonhttps.com or nothttps.com, guarantee that they will always remain accessible by HTTP.

Any certificate that cannot be used to other certificates. For instance, TLS/SSL server and client certificates, email certificates, code signing certificates, and qualified certificates are all end-entity certificates.

A paper presented at the 2012 ACM conference on computer and communications security[198] showed that few applications used some of these SSL libraries correctly, leading to vulnerabilities. According to the authors

This particular kind of cryptography harnesses the power of two keys which are long strings of randomly generated numbers. One is called a private key and one is called a public key.A public key is known to your server and available in the public domain. It can be used to encrypt any message. If Alice is sending a message to Bob she will lock it with Bob’s public key but the only way it can be decrypted is to unlock it with Bob’s private key. Bob is the only one who has his private key so Bob is the only one who can use this to unlock Alice’s message. If a hacker intercepts the message before Bob unlocks it, all they will get is a cryptographic code that they cannot break, even with the power of a computer.

Our SSLs use SHA-2 and 2048-bit encryption to protect all sensitive data transmitting from the browser to the web server. It’s the strongest encryption on the market today and it is virtually uncrackable.

View page over: HTTPHTTPS

The Abus T84MB/40 Green Nautic is a double bolted padlock that comes with a body and shackle made from solid brass. The inner components of this padlock are made out of rust free materials. This self locking padlock features a paracentric keyway meaning that the level of protection against manipulation is increased.

You can perform web searches right from the address bar. Just type in your search terms and hit Enter. Firefox will take you to your default search engine results page. This article will show you how to customize this feature.

HTTPS lets the browser detect if an attacker has changed any data the browser receives. When transferring money using your bank’s website, this prevents an attacker from changing the destination account number while your request is in transit.

The first is essentially Lighthouse’s standard HTTPS test, and it provides a list of all insecure resources (images, stylesheets, JavaScript, etc) which the page is calling. These can be exported as JSON for convenience.

Note that this is still a strict improvement over incorporating content third party domains over unencrypted HTTP. Attacks on the privacy, integrity, and security of connections to third party domains over unencrypted HTTP are trivial.

When you go to a site that uses HTTPS (connection security), the website’s server uses a certificate to prove the website’s identity to browsers, like Chrome. Anyone can create a certificate claiming to be whatever website they want.

Although many browsers report mixed content warnings to the user, by the time this happens, it is too late: the insecure requests have already been performed and the security of the page is compromised. This scenario is, unfortunately, quite common on the web, which is why browsers can’t just block all mixed requests without restricting the functionality of many sites.

There is a de facto standard among web browsers to display a “lock” icon somewhere in the window of the browser (NOT in the web page display area!)  For example, Microsoft Internet Explorer displays the lock icon in the lower-right of the browser window:

You may use proxy websites or programs to access websites blocked in your area. One such proxy is UltraSurf. This was specifically designed to allow the population of a certain country to access social networking sites. There are some websites who let you easily access and open blocked websites. OpenBlockedWebsite.com and HideMyAss.com are two such websites you may want to check out. They act as free web anonymizers that aim to unblock blocked websites and offer free anonymous web surfing. Also, check out Hola Unblocker.

Content such as  videos, javascript, css etc.. that a site loads over HTTP within a page that is HTTPS. For example, if one typed https://domain.com in a browser and domain.com has in the html this jpeg is mixed content as resource.jpg is not loaded over an encrypted connection as https://domain.com was. 

Occasionally I come across that ‘ .. certificate is out of date or invalid’ type messages even with apparently reputable sites. Just what does that ‘validity’ imply or mean, and how worried should we be when we get those messages?

1. Check that the resources specified in the mixed content warnings load properly over HTTPS on their own. Copy the URL of the resource in your browser and make sure a https:// is in front. If the resource is unable to load properly this means the resource is not from the same host as your zone (thus does not have a supported SSL certificate) and you have a few options:

Hey this is great. However, I found out in the console that 2 pictures on my website are causing this error. I use those pictures as my background pictures. So how do I solve this now? Do I have to remove the pictures ? how do I convert them into https now?

Before a client and server can begin to exchange information protected by TLS, they must securely exchange or agree upon an encryption key and a cipher to use when encrypting data (see § Cipher). Among the methods used for key exchange/agreement are: public and private keys generated with RSA (denoted TLS_RSA in the TLS handshake protocol), Diffie–Hellman (TLS_DH), ephemeral Diffie–Hellman (TLS_DHE), Elliptic Curve Diffie–Hellman (TLS_ECDH), ephemeral Elliptic Curve Diffie–Hellman (TLS_ECDHE), anonymous Diffie–Hellman (TLS_DH_anon),[1] pre-shared key (TLS_PSK)[31] and Secure Remote Password (TLS_SRP).[32]

Note: Browsers enforce all content security policies that they receive. Multiple CSP header values received by the browser in the response header or elements are combined and enforced as a single policy; reporting policies are likewise combined. Policies are combined by taking the intersection of the policies; that is to say, each policy after the first can only further restrict the allowed content, not broaden it.

The exact behavior of each browser is constantly changing, so we won’t include specifics here. If you’re interested in how a specific browser behaves, look for information published by the vendors directly.

Around the world, data espionage is a serious problem for both international authorities and consumers. Internet security is occupying an increasingly central role for both businesses and individuals. Without a doubt, the Information Age has substantially affected the way we interact with one another on both a private and professional basis. In-house communication, customer data, and other sensitive information build up some of the most vital nuts and bolts of this infrastructure, and protocols like SSL and HTTPS are vital for ensuring their secure management. But what exactly do these terms mean and how does one go about implementing security protocols for a web presence?

Good information & easy to understand…but still have to jump through hoops to check each situation…through no fault of yours…thanks for the much appreciated information. I just tried…the ssl & found that the dmv site for me to renew my vehicle registation was not a secure site..even though I have firewall on my laptop…the premature comment was just that. I apologize for commenting before actually trying it out. Lesson learned thanks to your consise direction for a safe experience on the web. Approved: 7/20/2011

But I will go with 5 comment who wrote, “As a security expert, I can tell you this from first hand. I can sit anywhere in a public place where people use their wireless device and steal any info they send across the airwaves including bluetooth.”

Tools like Magento, WooCommerce and PrestaShop are all really popular Ecommerce platforms, but popularity comes at a price. Hackers are always looking for vulnerabilities in these tools so patches and security updates are constantly being made available.

GoDaddy’s Premium EV SSL Certificate involves the most extensive vetting process. We verify the control of the domain and legitimacy of your company by validating the legal name, address, phone number and other business information. The process takes about 30 days, but we’ve got you covered during that time. EV SSL Certs come with a free Standard SSL to use during the vetting process, so you can keep your transactions secure while you wait.

SSL 2.0 is disabled by default, beginning with Internet Explorer 7,[200] Mozilla Firefox 2,[201] Opera 9.5,[202] and Safari. After it sends a TLS “ClientHello”, if Mozilla Firefox finds that the server is unable to complete the handshake, it will attempt to fall back to using SSL 3.0 with an SSL 3.0 “ClientHello” in SSL 2.0 format to maximize the likelihood of successfully handshaking with older servers.[203] Support for SSL 2.0 (and weak 40-bit and 56-bit ciphers) has been removed completely from Opera as of version 10.[204][205]

Visitors to sites protected by SSL expect (and deserve) security and protection. When a site doesn’t fully protect or secure all content, a browser will display a “mixed-content” warning. Mixed content occurs when a webpage containing a combination of both secure (HTTPS) and non-secure (HTTP) content is delivered over SSL to the browser. Non-securecontent can theoretically be read or modified by attackers, even though the parent page is served over HTTPs.

A SSL cert means nothing these days. Its a false sense of security. Anything you do online is open to public attacks and eyes. This includes bank logins and transactions. The SSL cert is just a way for these companies to grab your money.As a security expert, I can tell you this from first hand. I can sit anywhere in a public place where people use their wireless device and steal any info they send across the airwaves including bluetooth.

GoDaddy’s Premium EV SSL Certificate involves the most extensive vetting process. We verify the control of the domain and legitimacy of your company by validating the legal name, address, phone number and other business information. The process takes about 30 days, but we’ve got you covered during that time. EV SSL Certs come with a free Standard SSL to use during the vetting process, so you can keep your transactions secure while you wait.

“warum ändert sich http zu https _Ändern Sie http zu https in Apache”

Dieses Beispiel zeigt, dass humane Genomfragmentpopulationen, die durch Zufallsprimeramplifikation (RPA) hergestellt worden sind, repräsentativ sind für ihre Genomtemplates, nur eine geringe allelische Bevorzugung aufweisen und fähig sind, reproduzierbar erzeugt zu werden. This example demonstrates that human genomic fragment populations which have been prepared by Zufallsprimeramplifikation (RPA), are representative of their genome templates, have only a slight allelic favor and are capable of reproducibly.

Vorhängeschlösser wurden zuerst erfunden und in den alten Tagen von Rom und Griechenland wieder verwendet. Verwenden Sie Vorhängeschlösser, um eine Vielzahl von Objekten, wie Schränke, Schließfächer, Tore, Zäune, und sogar einige Arten von Koffern zu schützen. Vorhängeschlösser gibt es in zwei verschiedenen Stilen. Ein Stil verwendet eine Spinn Kombination, um sie und die andere Art mit einem Schlüssel öffnen entsperren. Sollten Sie Ihre Kombination vergessen oder verlieren Sie Ihre Schlüssel, müssen Sie das Schloss, um es zu entfernen, zu brechen.

Dass der IE gerne manchmal Sachen komisch darstellt, bin ich ja gewöhnt, aber dass er behauptet, die Seite existiere gar nicht, wenn es in anderen Browsern funktioniert, ist mir noch nie untergekommen.

Seiten die wir von http auf https umgestellt haben sind im Durchschnitt momentan 1/3 besser bewertet bei Google und Co. Für uns als Internetagentur ist bei allem Datenschutzgebahren dieser Ranking-Vorteil allein schon Grund genug, dass Sie Ihre Webseite auf https mit einem geeigneten Zertifikat umstellen.

Dieses Beispiel beschreibt Verfahren zur Gesamtgenomamplifikation von Bisulfit-behandelter DNA. This example describes methods for Gesamtgenomamplifikation of bisulfite-treated DNA. Typischer Weise erzeugt Bisulfit-Behandlung von DNA wesentliche Depurinierung und unter gleichzeitiger Fragmentierung der DNA. Typically generates significant depurination bisulfite treatment of DNA and simultaneous fragmentation of the DNA. Das fragmentierte Produkt wird typischer Weise in geringer Ausbeute amplifiziert unter Verwendung von Strangersetzungspolymerasen in Zufallsprimergesamtgenomamplifikationsansätzen. The fragmented product is typically in low yield amplified using strand replacement polymerases in Zufallsprimergesamtgenomamplifikationsansätzen. Zwei Ansätze für die Verbesserung der Amplifikationsausbeute werden hierin beschrieben. Two approaches for improving Amplifikationsausbeute described herein. Der erste Ansatz ist die Konkatenierung der fragmentierten Probe und die Verwendung der längeren konkatenierten Produkte als Templates für die Strangersetzungszufallsprimeramplifikation. The first approach is the concatenation of the fragmented sample and the use of the longer concatenated products as templates for the Strangersetzungszufallsprimeramplifikation. Der zweite Ansatz erzeugt eine Repräsentation aus den fragmentierten Zielen durch das Hinzufügen von Universalprimerstellen an die Enden der Fragmente. The second approach creates a representation of the fragmented locations by the addition of universal priming sites at the ends of the fragments.

Note: Future versions of this specification will update this categorization with the intent of moving towards a world where all mixed content is blocked; that is the end goal, but this is the best we can do for now.

Um Ihnen mit dem 1&1 SSL Zertifikat die bestmögliche Sicherheit zu bieten, kooperieren wir mit GeoTrust. Das Unternehmen ist einer der weltweit größten Zertifikataussteller und Experten für Sicherheit im Bereich des Datenaustauschs über das Internet.

Wenn du an eine deutlich größere Zielgruppe verkaufen möchtest, musst du deinen Kunden deren bevorzugte Zahlungsoptionen zur Verfügung stellen. Und du benötigst SSL, damit die Kunden mit dem Gefühl der Sicherheit zahlen.

Ein Nukleinsäureprimer, der zur Amplifizierung einer gDNA in einem erfindungsgemäßen Verfahren verwendet wird, kann eine komplementäre Sequenz umfassen, die jede Länge aufweisen kann, die zur Bindung einer Template gDNA mit einer ausreichenden Stabilität und Spezifität aufweist, um eine Polymerase-Replikationsaktivität zu primen. A nucleic acid primer is used for amplification of a gDNA in a method of the invention may comprise a complementary sequence, which may have any length that has to bind a template gDNA with a sufficient stability and specificity to prime a polymerase-replication activity. Die komplementäre Sequenz kann den gesamten oder einen Teil eines Primers umfassen, der zur Amplifikation verwendet wird. The complementary sequence may include all or a portion of a primer used for amplification. Die Länge der komplementären Sequenz eines Primers, der zur Amplifikation verwendet wird in einem erfin dungsgemäßen Verfahren, wird allgemein umgekehrt proportional zu der Entfernung zwischen den Priming-Stellen auf einem gDNA-Template sein. The length of the complementary sequence of a primer used for amplification in a method OF INVENTION to the invention will be generally inversely proportional to the distance between priming sites on a gDNA template. Daher kann die Amplifikation durchgeführt werden mit Primern mit relativ kurzen komplementäre Sequenzen umfassend, beispielsweise, höchstens 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 50. 60. 70, 80, 90, 100, 200, 300, 400, 500 Nukleotide in der Länge. Therefore, the amplification can be performed with primers with relatively short complementary sequences comprising, for example, at most 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 50. 60. 70, 80, 90, 100, 200, 300, 400, 500 nucleotides in length.

A certificate provider can opt to issue three types of certificates, each requiring its own degree of vetting rigor. In order of increasing rigor (and naturally, cost) they are: Domain Validation, Organization Validation and Extended Validation. These rigors are loosely agreed upon by voluntary participants in the CA/Browser Forum.

A combination lock mechanism according to claim 1 being a padlock and wherein the locking element is a shackle (40;240). Mechanismus eines Kombinationsschlosses nach Anspruch 1, das ein Bügelschloss ist und worin das Schließelement ein Bügel (40,240) ist.

Im Januar 2017 hat HP in Zusammenarbeit mit verschiedenen staatlichen Regulierungsbehörden eine Erweiterung seiner aktuellen weltweiten und freiwilligen, sicherheitsbedingten Rückrufaktion mit Ersatzbestellungsprogramm für bestimmte Notebook-Akkus, die im Juni 2016 bekanntgegeben wurde, angekündigt. Die Rückrufaktion wurde um zusätzliche Akkus, die mit denselben Notebook-Produkten geliefert wurden, erweitert. Diese Akkus können überhitzen und Kunden einer Verletzungsgefahr durch Feuer und Verbrennung aussetzen.

Dies kann man eben als Nutzer umgehen, wenn man gemischte Inhalte zulässt. In dem von mir gebrachten Beispiel ist es dann auch kein wirkliches Sicherheitsrisiko, da man früher sich die Seite eh ohne HTTPS angesehen hätte. Aber ich gebe auch zu – in extremen Situationen könnte sich die Einstellung auch negativ auswirken. Aber dann hat der User oder der betroffene Webseitenbetreiber zuvor auch wieder einen Fehler gemacht! Fakt ist – dies ist die Lösung zum Problem – wer es anwenden möchte, kann es tun – wer bedenken hat – lässt es einfach bleiben!

Zusätzlich zur ausklappbaren Auswahlliste für Webseiten, die sich in Ihrer Chronik oder Ihren Lesezeichen befinden, ergänzt Firefox auch die Internetadressen in der Adressleiste selbst. Wenn Sie beispielsweise „wiki“ eingeben, vervollständigt Firefox dies zu „wikipedia.org“, wenn Sie diese Webseite zuvor bereits besucht haben. Drücken Sie in diesem Fall die EingabetasteReturn, um diese Adresse direkt aufzurufen. }

Dieses Beispiel zeigt, dass die Gesamtgenom Genotypisierung einer amplifizierten Population von Genomfragmenten durch die direkte Hybridisierung mit einem DNA-Array und die Array-basierte Primerverlängerung genaue, hochqualitative SNP Zählergebnisse für Menschen liefert. This example shows that the whole genome genotyping of an amplified population of genome fragments by the direct hybridization to a DNA array and the array-based primer extension provides accurate, high quality SNP counting results for people.

13 13 zeigt Diagramme, die die ektopische Verlängerung (Tafel A) und Verfahren zur Hemmung von ektopischer Verlängerung einschließlich der Hemmung durch die Bindung von einzelsträngigen Sonden an SSB zeigen (Tafel B); shows diagrams showing the ectopic extension (Panel A) and methods for the inhibition of ectopic extension including the inhibition by the binding of single-stranded probes to SSB (panel B); Blockieren des 3′- Endes der Sonden mit Nukleinsäuren mit komplementären Sequenzen (Tafel C); Blocking the 3 ‘end of probes with nucleic acids with complementary sequences (panel C); und die Bildung von nicht verlängerbaren Haarnadelschleifen (Tafel D). and the formation of non-extendable hairpin loops (Panel D).

Wie hierin verwendet, bedeutet der Ausdruck „typisierbarer Loci” sequenzspezifische Orte in einer Nukleinsäure. As used herein, the term “typable loci” sequence-specific locations in a nucleic acid. Der Ausdruck kann vorbestimmte oder vorhergesagte Nukleinsäuresequenzen umfassen, von denen erwartet wird, dass sie in isolierten Nukleinsäuremolekülen vorhanden sind. The term may include predetermined or predicted nucleic acid sequences, which are expected to be present in the isolated nucleic acid molecules. Der Ausdruck typisierbare Loci umfasst einzelne Nukleotid-Polymorphismen (SNPs), Mutationen, variable Anzahl von Tandem-Wiederholungen (VNTRs) und Einzeltandemwiederholungen (STRs), weitere Polymorphismen, Insertionen, Deletionen, Splice-Varianten oder weitere bekannte genetische Marker. The term typable loci including single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs), mutations, variable number of tandem repeats (VNTRs) and single tandem repeats (STRs), other polymorphisms, insertions, deletions, splice variants or other known genetic markers. Beispielhafte Quellen, die bekannte SNPs und weitere genetische Variationen bereitstellen, umfassen, jedoch nicht beschränkt auf, die dbSNP, die von NCBI verwaltet wird und online verfügbar ist unter ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/SNP/ und die HCVBASE Datenbank, beschrieben in Fredman et al. Provide Exemplary sources known SNPs and other genetic variations include, but are not limited to, managed by NCBI and described is available online at ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/SNP/ and HCVBASE database in Fredman dbSNP, et al. Nucleic Acids Research, 30: 387–91, (2002) und verfügbar unter hgvbase.cgb.ki.se/ . Nucleic Acids Research, 30: 387-91, (2002) and available at hgvbase.cgb.ki.se/.

Wie hierin verwendet, bedeutet der Ausdruck „in repräsentativer Weise Amplifizieren” das Replizieren eines Nukleinsäuretemplates zum Erzeugen einer Nukleinsäurekopie, in der der Anteil jeder Sequenz in der Kopie relativ zu sämtlichen weiteren Sequenzen in der Kopie im Wesentlichen dem Teil in dem Nukleinsäuretemplate entspricht. As used herein, the term “representatively amplifying” the replication of a nucleic acid template to produce a nucleic acid copy in which the amount of each sequence corresponds to the copy relative to all other sequences in the copy is substantially the portion in the nucleic acid template. Ein Nukleinsäuretemplate, das von dem Ausdruck umfasst wird, kann ein einzelnes Molekül, wie ein Chromosom oder eine Vielzahl von Molekülen wie eine Sammlung von Chromosomen sein, die ein Genom oder ein Teil eines Genoms bilden. A nucleic acid template that is encompassed by the term, a single molecule such as a chromosome or a variety of molecules, such as a collection of chromosomes may be forming a genome or a portion of a genome. In ähnlicher Weise kann eine Nukleinsäurekopie ein einziges Molekül oder eine Vielzahl von Molekülen sein. Similarly, a nucleic acid copy may be a single molecule or a variety of molecules. Die Nukleinsäuren können DNA oder RNA oder Mimetika oder Derivate davon sein. The nucleic acids may be DNA or RNA or mimetics thereof or derivatives thereof. Eine Kopie Nukleinsäure kann eine Vielzahl von Fragmenten sein, die kleiner sind als die Template DNA. A copy nucleic acid may be a plurality of fragments which are smaller than the template DNA. Daher kann der Ausdruck das Replizieren eines Genoms oder eines Teiles davon umfassen, derart, dass der Teil jedes resultierenden Genom-Fragments im Verhältnis zu den weiteren Genom-Fragmenten in der Population im Wesentlichen der gleiche Anteil der Sequenz zu den weiteren Genom-Fragmenten in dem Genom darstellt. Thus, the term may include replicating a genome or a part thereof, such that the portion of each resulting genomic fragment relative to the other genomic fragments in the population of substantially the same portion of the sequence to the other genomic fragments in the represents genome. Die zu replizierende DNA kann aus einem Gewebe oder einer Blutprobe, von einer forensischen Probe, von einer formalinfixierten Zelle oder von weiteren Quellen isoliert werden. The DNA can be replicated from a tissue or a blood sample isolated from a forensic sample, from a formalin-fixed cell or from other sources. Eine genomische DNA, die erfindungsgemäß verwendet wird, kann intakt, im Wesentlichen intakt oder fragmentiert sein. A genomic DNA, which is used in the invention may be substantially intact intact or fragmented. Ein Nukleinsäuremolekül, wie ein Template oder eine Kopie davon, kann jede einer Vielzahl von Größen umfassen, jedoch ohne Beschränkung, aufweisen höchstens von ungefähr 1 mb, 0,5 mb, 0,1 mb, 50 kb, 10 kb, 5 kb, 3 kb, 2 kb, 1 kb, 0,5 kb, 0,25, 0,1, 0,05 oder 0,02 kb. A nucleic acid molecule as a template or a copy thereof may comprise any of a variety of sizes, but without limitation, comprise a maximum of about 1 mb, 0.5 MB, 0.1 MB, 50 kb, 10 kb, 5 kb, 3 kb, 2 kb, 1 0.5 kb, 0.25, 0.1, 0.05, or 0.02 kb.

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Eine festphasenimmobiliserte, repräsentative Population von Genomfragmenten kann direkt abgefragt werden unter Verwendung der erfindungsgemäßen Verfahren. A festphasenimmobiliserte, representative population of genome fragments can be queried directly using the methods of the invention. Allgemein wurden vorstehend Nachweis-Assays und Verfahren beispielhaft dargestellt hinsichtlich der immobilisierten Sonden und löslicher Genomfragmentziele. General detection assays and methods have been exemplified in terms of immobilized probes and soluble genomic fragment objectives above. Der Fachmann erkennt, dass in Ausführungsformen, bei denen eine repräsentative Population von Genomfragmenten immobilisiert ist, die Verfahren in ähnlicher Weise durchgeführt werden können, wobei jedoch die Genomfragmente die Sonden in den vorstehenden Beispielen ersetzen und die Sonden als Ziele in den vorstehenden Beispielen behandelt werden. The skilled artisan will recognize that in embodiments in which a representative population is immobilized genomic fragments, the methods may be performed in a similar manner, but replacing the genomic fragments, the probes in the above examples and the probes are treated as targets in the preceding examples.

2 Wählen Sie mit Bolzenschneider, um Ihre Vorhängeschloss zu brechen. Öffnen Sie die Messer und legen Sie auf der U-förmigen Teil des Schlosses. Schließen Sie die Messer und Druck ausüben, bis sie den ganzen Weg durch den U-förmigen Teil des Schlosses zu schneiden.

E. coli Pol I oder dessen Klenow Fragment kann verwendet werden zur isothermen Amplifikation eines Genoms, um kleine genomische DNA-Fragmente zu erhalten, beispielsweise, in einer Niedrigsalz-(I = 0,085)-Reaktion inkubiert bei einer Temperatur zwischen ungefähr 5°C und 37°C. E. coli Pol I or its Klenow fragment can be used for isothermal amplification of a genome to obtain small genomic DNA fragments, for example, in a low salt (I = 0.085) reaction incubated at a temperature between about 5 ° C and 37 ° C. Beispielhafte Puffer und pH-Bedingungen, die verwendet werden können zum Amplifizieren von gDNA mit Klenow Fragment umfassen, beispielsweise, 50 mM Tris HCl (pH 7,5), 5 mM MgCl 2 , 50 mM NaCl, 50 μg/ml Rinderserum Albumin (BSA), 0,2 mM von jedem dNTP, 2 μg (Microgramm) Zufallsprimer (n = 6), 10 ng gDNA-Template und 5 Einheiten von Klenow-exo-(SIC!) inkubiert bei 37°C über 16 Stunden. Exemplary buffers and pH conditions that may be used include, for amplify gDNA with Klenow fragment, for example, 50 mM Tris HCl (pH 7.5), 5 mM MgCl 2, 50 mM NaCl, 50 ug / ml bovine serum albumin (BSA ), 0.2 mM of each dNTP, 2 ug (micrograms) random primer (n = 6), 10 ng gDNA template, and 5 units of Klenow exo- (sic!) at 37 ° C for 16 hours. Ähnliche Reaktionsbedingungen können durchgeführt werden, in den Fällen wenn ein oder mehrere Reaktionsbestandteile ausgelassen werden oder ersetzt werden. Similar reaction conditions can be carried out in cases where one or more reaction components are omitted or replaced. Beispielsweise kann der Puffer ausgetauscht werden durch 50 mM Phosphat (pH-Wert 7,4) oder andere pH-Werte in dem Bereich von ungefähr 7,0 bis 7,8 können verwendet werden. For example, the buffer can be replaced by 50 mM phosphate (pH 7.4) or other pH-values ​​in the range of about 7.0 to 7.8 may be used. Ein gDNA-Template, das zu amplifizieren ist, kann in jeder einer Vielzahl von Mengen bereitgestellt werden, umfassend, ohne Beschränkung, wie vorstehend ausgeführt. A gDNA template, which is to be amplified can be provided in each of a plurality of sets, including, without limitation, as stated above. In einer alternativen Ausführungsform können Bedingungen zur Amplifikation umfassen, beispielsweise, 10 ng genomisches DNA-Template, 2 mM dNTPs, 10 mM MgCl 2 , 0,5 U/μl (Microliter) Polymerase, 50 μM (Micromolar) Zufallsprimer (n = 6) und isotherme Inkubation bei 37° C über 16 Stunden. In an alternative embodiment, conditions may include, for amplification, for example, 10 ng genomic DNA template, 2 mM dNTPs, 10 mM MgCl 2, 0.5 U / ul (micro liter) polymerase, 50 uM (micromolar) random primer (n = 6) and isothermal incubation at 37 ° C for 16 hours.

Daher stellt die vorliegende Erfindung einen zusammengesetzten Array mit wenigstens einem ersten Substrat mit einer Oberfläche mit einer Vielzahl von Assayorten bereit. Therefore, the present invention provides a composite array with at least a first substrate having a surface with a plurality of assay locations. Jede einer Vielzahl von Arrays mit einer Vielzahl von Kandidaten in einem Arrayformat kann verwendet werden in der Erfindung. Each of a plurality of arrays having a plurality of candidates in an array format can be used in the invention. Die Größe eines in der Erfindung verwendeten Arrays kann variieren abhängig von der Sondenzusammensetzung und der gewünschten Verwendung des Arrays. The size of an array used in the invention may vary depending on the probe composition and the intended use of the array. Arrays enthaltend von ungefähr zwei unterschiedlichen Sonden bis viele Millionen können hergestellt werden, wobei sehr große faseroptische Arrays möglich sind. Arrays containing from about two different probes to many millions can be made, with very large fiber optic arrays are possible. Allgemein kann ein Array von zwei bis zu einer Milliarde oder mehr Arrayorte pro Quadratzentimeter aufweisen. Generally, an array of two up to a billion or more array locations per square centimeter may have. Ein Arrayort kann beispielsweise eine Fläche auf einer Oberfläche sein, an die eine Sonde oder eine Population von ähnlichen Sonden gebunden ist oder ein Partikel. A Arrayort may be for example an area on a surface to which a probe is bonded, or a population of similar probes, or a particle. Im Fall eines Partikels kann dessen Arrayort eine fixierte Koordinate auf einem Substrat sein, an den er gebunden ist oder assoziiert ist oder eine relative Koordinate im Vergleich zu Orten von ein oder mehr anderen Referenzpartikeln in einer flüssigen Probe, wie ein Strom, der durch einen Durchflusscytometer hindurch tritt. In the case of a particle whose Arrayort may be a fixed coordinate on a substrate to which it is attached or is associated with, or a relative coordinate relative to locations of one or more other reference particles in a liquid sample, such as a current flowing through a flow cytometer passes. Arrays mit sehr hoher Dichte sind in der Erfindung geeignet umfassend, beispielsweise, jene mit von ungefähr 10.000.000 Arrayorten/cm 2 bis ungefähr Arrayorten/cm 2 oder von ungefähr 100.000.000 Arrayorten/cm 2 bis ungefähr Arrayorten/cm 2 . Arrays of very high density are suitable for comprising in the invention, for example, those having from about 10,000,000 array locations / cm 2 to about 2,000,000,000 array locations / cm 2, or from about 100,000,000 array locations / cm 2 to about 1,000,000,000 array locations, / cm 2. Hochdichte Arrays können auch verwendet werden umfassend, beispielsweise, jene im Bereich von ungefähr 100.000 Arrayorten/cm 2 bis ungefähr 10.000.000 Arrayorten/cm 2 oder ungefähr 1.000.000 Arrayorten/cm 2 bis ungefähr 5.000.000 Arrayorten/cm 2 . High density arrays can also be used including, for example, those in the range of about 100,000 array locations / cm 2 to about 10,000,000 array locations / cm 2 or about 1,000,000 array locations / cm 2 to about 5,000,000 array locations / cm 2. Arrays mit mittlerer Dichte, die in der Erfindung geeignet sind, können im Bereich von ungefähr 10.000 Arrayorten/cm 2 bis ungefähr 100.000 Arrayorten/cm 2 oder von ungefähr 20.000 Arrayorten/cm 2 bis ungefähr 50.000 Arrayorten/cm 2 liegen. Arrays with medium density, which are suitable in the invention may range from about 10,000 array locations / cm 2 to about 100,000 array locations / cm2, or from about 20,000 array locations / cm 2 to about 50,000 array locations / cm 2. Arrays mit geringer Dichte weisen allgemein weniger als 10.000 Partikel/cm 2 auf, wobei von ungefähr 1.000 Arrayorten/cm 2 bis ungefähr 5.000 Arrayorten/cm 2 in bestimmten Ausführungsformen geeignet sind. Arrays with low density generally have less than 10,000 particles / cm 2, wherein suitable array of approximately 1000 places / cm 2 to about 5,000 array locations / cm 2 in certain embodiments. Arrays mit sehr geringer Dichte mit weniger als 1.000 Arrayorten/cm 2 , von ungefähr 10 Arrayorten/cm 2 bis ungefähr 1.000 Arrayorten/cm 2 oder von ungefähr 100 Arrayorten/cm 2 bis ungefähr 500 Arrayorten/cm 2 sind auch in einigen Anwendungen geeignet. Arrays of very low density less than 1.000 array locations / cm 2, from about 10 array locations / cm 2 to about 1,000 array locations / cm2, or from about 100 array locations / cm 2 to about 500 array locations / cm 2 are also suitable in some applications. Die erfindungsgemäßen Verfahren müssen nicht in Arrayformat durchgeführt werden, beispielsweise, in Ausfüh rungsformen, bei denen ein oder eine kleine Anzahl von Loci nachzuweisen ist. The present methods need not be performed in an array format, for example, approximately forms in exporting, in which one or a small number of loci is demonstrated. Falls gewünscht, können Arrays mit mehreren Substraten verwendet werden umfassend, beispielsweise, Substrate mit unterschiedlichen oder identischen Zusammensetzungen. If desired, the array can be used with a plurality of substrates comprising, for example, substrates having different or identical compositions. Daher können große Arrays beispielsweise eine Vielzahl von kleineren Substraten umfassen. Therefore, large arrays may comprise for example a plurality of smaller substrates.

Ein Verfahren der Erfindung kann weiterhin umfassen einen Schritt des Entfernens der Genomfragmente aus den Sonden-Fragmenthybriden nach der Modifikation der Sonden und vor dem Nachweis der modifizierten Sonden. A method of the invention may further comprise a step of removing the genomic fragments from the probe fragment hybrids according to the modification of the probes, and prior to detection of the modified probes. Genomfragmente können entfernt werden durch Denaturierung der Fragment-Sondenhybride unter Verwendung von im Stand der Technik bekannten Verfahren zum Zerstören der Basenpaarungswechselwirkung, wie Aussetzen, gegenüber Niedrigsalz, organischen Lösungsmitteln wie Formamid, Hitze oder weitere Denaturierungsmittel. Genomic fragments can be removed by denaturation of the fragment probe hybrids using techniques known in the prior art method for destroying the base-pairing interaction, such as exposure, compared with low-salt, organic solvents such as formamide, heat or other denaturing agent. Beispielhafte Verfahren zum Denaturieren von Hybrid-Nukleinsäuren, die in den Verfahren geeignet sind, sind beschrieben in Sambrook et al., vorstehend (2001) oder in Ausubel et al., vorstehend (1998) . Exemplary methods for denaturing of hybrid nucleic acids which are useful in the method are described in Sambrook et al., Supra (2001) or in Ausubel et al., Supra (1998). Genomfragmente können weggewaschen werden nach der Denaturierung. Genomic fragments can be washed away after denaturation. Alternativ können Genomfragmente unter denaturierenden Bedingungen während des Nachweises vorliegen. Alternatively, genomic fragments can be present during detection under denaturing conditions.

Die Suchmaschine Google nimmt offiziell bevorzugt Websites mit HTTPS in seinen Index auf und verschafft Ihnen somit bessere Treffer. Wenn Sie also planen, für Ihre Domain ein SSL-Zertifikat zu lösen, empfehlen wir Ihnen auch gleich, dieses zu «erzwingen», das heisst, die Website nur über HTTPS anzubieten.

In einer bestimmten Ausführungsform kann ein denaturiertes oder einzelsträngiges genomisches DNA-Template amplifiziert werden unter Verwendung einer Polymerase mit niedriger Prozessivität in einem erfindungsgemäßen Verfahren. In a particular embodiment, a denatured or single-stranded genomic DNA template can be amplified using a polymerase with low processivity in an inventive method. Ein gDNA-Template kann denaturiert werden, beispielsweise, durch Hitze, Enzyme wie Helikase, chemische Agenzien wie Salz oder Detergenzien, pH-Wert oder dergleichen. A gDNA template may be denatured, for example, by heat, enzymes such as helicase, chemical agents or detergents such as salt, pH or the like. Beispielhafte Polymerasen, die zu geringer Prozessivität geeignet sind und geeignet sind zur Amplifikation von gDNA in der Erfindung umfassen, ohne Beschränkung, Taq Polymerase, T4 Polymerase, „monomere” E. coli Pol III (ohne die beta Untereinheit), oder E. coli DNA Pol I oder deren 5’Nuklease-defizientes Fragment bekannt als Klenow Polymerase. Exemplary polymerases to low processivity are suitable and are suitable include the amplification of gDNA in the invention, without limitation, Taq polymerase, T4 polymerase, “monomeric” E. coli Pol III (without the beta subunit), or E. coli DNA Pol I or the 5 ‘nuclease-deficient fragment known as Klenow polymerase.

Unsere Empfehlung und das Zertifikat für die meisten Anwender: dieses Zertifikat wird genau für eine Domain oder Subdomain ausgestellt. Also für www.domain.tld oder shop.domain.tld oder forum.domain.tld. 

SSL Zertifikate garantieren Ihren Kunden und Partnern Privatsphäre und Datenschutz, indem sie eine sichere Verschlüsselung des Zugriffes erlauben. SSL Zertifikate bieten Schutz vor Phishing und Man-in-the-Middle Angriffen. SSL Zertifikate steigern die Sichtbarkeit Ihrer Webseite, denn das Google Ranking bewertet Webseiten mit SSL/TLS-Verschlüsselung viel höher als Webseiten ohne SSL.

Seit November 2011 stehen auch Facebook-Entwickler in der Pflicht, Webapplikationen (kurz: Apps) mit SSL-Zertifikaten zu sichern. Alle Seiten mit Apps und/ oder externen Webseiteninhalten müssen seitdem mit SSL-Zertifikaten gesichert sein.

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Authentifizierung bedeutet, dass eine Drittpartei (wie Thawte) die in Ihrem SSL-Zertifikat enthaltenen Identifikationsinformationen überprüft hat und Kunden so garantiert wird, dass es sich bei Ihrer Seite auch wirklich um Ihre Seite handelt. Aufgrund von Sicherheitsbedenken in Zusammenhang mit Betrug und Identitätsdiebstahl schrecken User immer mehr davor zurück, persönliche Daten auf unbekannten Websites anzugeben. 86 Prozent der Online-Kunden haben bei der Eingabe ihrer persönlichen Daten mehr Vertrauen in Websites, die Sicherheitskennzeichen wie zum Beispiel ein Vertrauenszeichen aufweisen (Synovate/GMI, 2008).

Sie sehen auch Suchvorschläge, die von Ihrer Standardsuchmaschine angezeigt werden, um Ihnen zu helfen, die richtigen Schlüsselwörter für Ihre beabsichtigte Suche zu finden. Neben diesen Suchvorschlägen sehen Sie ein Lupen-Symbol.

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Über das Schloss ist es auch möglich, nähere Informationen zum SSL-Zertifikat zu erhalten. Ein Klick auf das Symbol öffnet eine kleine Auskunftsdatei, aus der unter anderem hervorgeht, wer das Zertifikat ausgestellt hat und wie lange es gilt. 

When a certificate is successfully installed on your server, the application protocol (also known as HTTP) will change to HTTPs, where the ‘S’ stands for ‘secure’. Depending on the type of certificate you purchase and what browser you are surfing the internet on, a browser will show a padlock or green bar in the browser when you visit a website that has an SSL Certificate installed.

” -change url to https”

An address bar is a text field near the top of a Web browser window that displays the URL of the current webpage. The URL, or web address, reflects the address of the current page and automatically changes whenever you visit a new webpage. Therefore, you can always check the location of the webpage you are currently viewing with the browser’s address bar.

Yes. i had change both wordress address and site address from HTTP to HTTPS and click save. After a while log in time out and i cannot access to my wordpress admin again. You guide to too complicated, i dunno how to access php admin. Can i make changes on my hosting hostgator? I dun’t want the HTTPS anymore, it only give me problem. I just want back my original website.

This document, titled “Decoding the Padlock Icons on Google Chrome,” is available under the Creative Commons license. Any copy, reuse, or modification of the content should be sufficiently credited to CCM (http://ccm.net/).

You may use proxy websites or programs to access websites blocked in your area. One such proxy is UltraSurf. This was specifically designed to allow the population of a certain country to access social networking sites. There are some websites who let you easily access and open blocked websites. OpenBlockedWebsite.com and HideMyAss.com are two such websites you may want to check out. They act as free web anonymizers that aim to unblock blocked websites and offer free anonymous web surfing. Also, check out Hola Unblocker.

Usually, it’s an expired certificate, sometimes it’s a server misconfiguration, sometimes it’s user error (Ask Leo!, above, is not available over https). It could also be a clock problem; certificates are time and date based, so if the clock on your PC is wrong, then the validation of the certificate could fail.

The Firefox Web Console displays a mixed content warning message in the Net pane when a page on your website has this issue. The mixed content resource that was loaded via HTTP will show up in red, along with the text “mixed content”, which links to this page.

Just because information is sent across the Internet in an encrypted manner does not mean that my information is secure. For example, a site that lets me “log in” with just my email address and last 4 of SSN is not secure by any sense however I could have it covered with padlocks and security seals. My data could also be stored in clear text in a database that is backed up to a USB drive and carried home each night. Your information is accurate, and necessary, but a padlock is useless if it is on the equivalent of a paper bag. Approved: 3/16/2014

the console makes it look like these images come from the jquery file, but they are actually coming from this stylesheet: https://melbourne.lanewaylearning.com/wp-content/themes/superspark/style-custom7.css?ver=4.4.11. Since this is probably generated by the theme re-saving the theme settings and clearing the cache might resolve this. If not, you can edit the custom CSS in the theme’s settings or edit the CSS file to make the images load over https://.

No issues or suggestions. You made everything really easy for us. We tried first to get the EV code signing certificate from GoDaddy (because of legacy reasons), but were unsuccessful. You guys came through for us!

It means something is wrong with the website – very wrong – yet somehow we seem to keep building websites that do this. The problem, as you’ll see in the video below, is that it jeopardises the security of traffic going backwards and forwards over what otherwise appears to be a secure site, at least in terms of implementing SSL. This can lead to issues such as the theft of identity data, potentially including such personal information as social security numbers. Fortunately there’s a channel to report potentially fraudulent activity except that, well, this video explains it best:

When a browser a website page, it is requesting for an HTML resource. The web server then returns the HTML content, which the browser parses and displays to users. Often a single HTML file isn’t enough to display a complete page, so the HTML file includes references to other resources that the browser needs to request. These subresources can be things like images, videos, extra HTML, CSS, or JavaScript, which are each fetched using separate requests.

“por qué Chrome cambia http a https cambia a https en las herramientas de webmaster bing”

Una de las herramientas más útiles para analizar tu página es HttpWatch. La versión gratuita es suficiente para los análizis. En las páginas con problemas de contendio mixto, puedes correr esta aplicación y te mostrará los enlaces que están causando la advertencia.

El certificado HTTPS (del inglés Hypertext Transport Protocol Secure) es también un protocolo para la transferencia segura de datos. El reconocido HTTP es la versión sin garantías. Con este es posible leer modificar todos los datos transmitidos en páginas web y el usuario no puede estar seguro, por ejemplo, de si en realidad le entregó los datos de su tarjeta de crédito a la tienda online o a un hacker. Por su parte, el certificado HTTPS cifra los datos y autentica las solicitudes. El protocolo HTTPS está basado en SSL y su versión mejorada: el certificado TLS. Los expertos recomiendan la implementación exclusiva del TLS, pues cuando se habla de SSL, se hace referencia a TLS.

Junta toda la información de tu sitio web. Necesitarás el URL, así como también el nombre de la compañía, dirección y número telefónico. El vendedor que vende certificados digitales necesitará esta información.

Polk, Tim; McKay, Kerry; Chokhani, Santosh (April 2014). “Guidelines for the Selection, Configuration, and Use of Transport Layer Security (TLS) Implementations” (PDF). National Institute of Standards and Technology. Archived from the original (PDF) on 2014-05-08. Retrieved 2014-05-07.

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No tienes que abrir el explorar de Windows (o el que uses en tu sistema operativo) para buscar un archivo porque desde Chrome puedes hacerlo. Si estás usando Windows, sólo tienes que escribir C:/ y si estás en OS X o Linux, puedes escribir file://localhost. Presiona Enter y navega por todos los archivos de tu ordenador. Podrás abrir la mayoría de los archivos de una vez dentro del navegador también.

Já os certificados coringa são aqueles que validam todos os subdomínios de um determinado domínio, normalmente são utilizados quando você precisa de diversos nomes antes do seu domínio, por exemplo https://www.seudominio.com.br, https://blog.seudomino.com.br, https://cliente1.seudominio.com.br.

As of April 2016, the latest versions of all major web browsers support TLS 1.0, 1.1, and 1.2, and have them enabled by default. However, not all supported Microsoft operating systems support the latest version of IE. Additionally many operating systems currently support multiple versions of IE, but this has changed according to Microsoft’s Internet Explorer Support Lifecycle Policy FAQ, “beginning January 12, 2016, only the most current version of Internet Explorer available for a supported operating system will receive technical support and security updates.” The page then goes on to list the latest supported version of IE at that date for each operating system. The next critical date would be when an operating system reaches the end of life stage, which is in Microsoft’s Windows lifecycle fact sheet.

Por otro lado, este cambio me pierde un poco porque mi servicio de hosting me dice que lo tengo, por lo que solo es poner la s en los encales, en cambio, se puede entrar igualmente sin la s. ¿No hay ningún modo de que se impida entrar sin s?

The client sends a CertificateVerify message, which is a signature over the previous handshake messages using the client’s certificate’s private key. This signature can be verified by using the client’s certificate’s public key. This lets the server know that the client has access to the private key of the certificate and thus owns the certificate.

As many modern browsers have been designed to defeat BEAST attacks (except Safari for Mac OS X 10.7 or earlier, for iOS 6 or earlier, and for Windows; see #Web browsers), RC4 is no longer a good choice for TLS 1.0. The CBC ciphers which were affected by the BEAST attack in the past have become a more popular choice for protection.[44] Mozilla and Microsoft recommend disabling RC4 where possible.[245][246] RFC 7465 prohibits the use of RC4 cipher suites in all versions of TLS.

Además de las anteriormente mencionadas, otra de las ventajas del cifrado SSL es el aumento de la confianza del usuario en la página web de la empresa y, por lo tanto, en la misma empresa. En el siguiente vídeo, Jeff Barto, estratega de confianza para Symantec, explica la importancia de la confianza online y del crecimiento de las expectativas de los usuarios en el campo de la seguridad web.

Aun cuando el atacante no altere el contenido de tu sitio, seguirás teniendo un grave problema de privacidad, ya que podrá realizar un seguimiento de los usuarios que usen solicitudes de contenido mixto. El atacante puede conocer las páginas que visita un usuario y los productos que ve a partir de imágenes y otros recursos cargados por el navegador.

Es importante recordar que no todos los visitantes de tu sitio web usan los navegadores más actualizados. Las diferentes versiones de los distintos proveedores de navegadores se comportan de manera diferente respecto del contenido mixto. En el peor de los casos, en algunos navegadores y algunas versiones no se bloquea ningún tipo de contenido mixto, lo cual representa un grave peligro para el usuario.

Ese candado indica que la conexión está cifrada mediante la tecnología SSL, de modo que un observador que tenga acceso a la red desde la que nos conectamos a Internet (por ejemplo, un compañero de trabajo) no pueda ver lo que estamos haciendo.

Visitamos todos los días sitios web. Las páginas con información delicada deben tener un mecanismo de seguridad llamado SSL. Podemos identificar que este mecanismo de seguridad está habilitado cuando observamos en nuestro navegador que el sitio inicia con “https”. Esa “s” significa que la comunicación entre el sitio y nuestro navegador va cifrada, es decir, protegida. También se enciende un candado en el navegador: otra señal de SSL.

Seems like Isla Verde has more than enough restaurants for us since we plan on being there for only 3 nights! Is the atmosphere similar in the two areas? Meaning is one more urban than the other, more cosmopolitan, more lively or are they similar in terms of vibe? I think we want something that feels lively, meaning people in the 30-60 range are out and about enjoying meals, drinks, music etc. but not loud, drunk partying all night long. We are likely to be there mid-week, not on a weekend.

tengo mi xbox 360 y le puse el ship para leer juegos copias., me a funcionado muy bien, hasta que puse el de Dantes Inferno (copia) busque la actualizacion mas reciente y la descargue desde la pagina de xbox, pero, al quemarla en un dvd, y ponerla en mi xbox no lo lee., simplemente dice Disco con contenido… mostrar más

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So, if you visit a site again and it lets you make new purchases without entering your card details, you should contact the site and ask for your card details to be deleted. It’s much safer to re-enter your card details for each purchase.

This homepage is usually installed as the default homepage for Xtra’s customers. Many people assume that this page is the starting point of the entire internet — a misperception the ISP is unlikely to clarify as it suits them well.

The audit passes if Lighthouse finds a theme-color meta tag in the page’s HTML and a theme_color property in the Web App Manifest. Lighthouse does not test whether the values are valid CSS color values.

In certain circumstances, chargeback allows you to ask your card provider to reverse a transaction if there’s a problem with an item you’ve bought. It’s not a legal obligation, but it is part of a set of rules which various banks subscribe to. Your card provider will be able to provide you with more information on its own process for chargeback claims.

my address bar disappeared, and when i right-click on the web search bar it shows the address bar already checked, and I need my address bar because it takes me directly to the site, unlike the search bar which doesn’t. So I am not going to use the search bar until I have my address bar back right now! Because I have very important software to download from another site and I need my address bar NOW!!! got the picture! Thank You, and have nice day

A fix was released as the Encrypt-then-MAC extension to the TLS specification, released as RFC 7366.[235] The Lucky Thirteen attack can be mitigated in TLS 1.2 by using only AES_GCM ciphers; AES_CBC remains vulnerable.[citation needed]

If you buy something online that’s worth more than £100, then it’s best to use a credit card rather than a debit card. This is because if you spend more than £100 on your credit card, you have legal rights under Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act.

Jump up ^ Möller, Bodo (2014-10-14). “This POODLE bites: exploiting the SSL 3.0 fallback”. Google Online Security blog. Google (via Blogspot). Archived from the original on 2014-10-28. Retrieved 2014-10-28.

Even if the attacker doesn’t alter the content of your site, you still have a large privacy issue where an attacker can track users using mixed content requests. The attacker can tell which pages a user visits and which products they view based on images or other resources that the browser loads.

Try it! – Visit our home page (http://www.ssl.com).  Click the link to “Log in” to initiate a secure session.  Note the lock icon display in YOUR browser.  Click the icon, or double-click (varies by browser), and examine the security information displayed about the web site.  If there is no display at the bottom of your browser try clicking “View” in the main menu and make sure “Status Bar” is checked.

§5.4 Should response to request be blocked as mixed content? verifies that the incoming response has the same security characteristics that were allowed for the request. That is, a Service Worker will not be able to replace a request for a secure with a cached response for an insecure resource.

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Multi-domain also referred commonly as SAN Certificates utilize Subject Alternative Names (SANs) to to secure up to 100 different domain names, subdomains, and public IP addresses using only one SSL Certificate and requiring only one IP to host the Certificate.

It’s possible to intercept unsecured HTTP traffic and change it. So if you go to www.twitter.com, this by default goes to http://www.twitter.com which then sends a message directing you to https://www.twitter.com. As HTTP is unencrypted you could change this to send you instead to https://www.twtter.com (assuming you managed to register that) and hope no one notices. This is best addressed with only using HTTPS on your site and then enforcing this with HSTS

[blockquote author=”Zineb Ait Bahajji and Gary Illyes, Webmaster Trends Analysts at Google” link=”https://webmasters.googleblog.com/2014/08/https-as-ranking-signal.html” target=”_blank”]Over the past few months we’ve been running tests taking into account whether sites use secure, encrypted connections as a signal in our search ranking algorithms. We’ve seen positive results, so we’re starting to use HTTPS as a ranking signal[/blockquote]

All web browsers come with an extensive built-in list of trusted root certificates, many of which are controlled by organizations that may be unfamiliar to the user.[4] Each of these organizations is free to issue any certificate for any web site and have the guarantee that web browsers that include its root certificates will accept it as genuine. In this instance, end users must rely on the developer of the browser software to manage its built-in list of certificates and on the certificate providers to behave correctly and to inform the browser developer of problematic certificates. While uncommon, there have been incidents in which fraudulent certificates have been issued: in some cases, the browsers have detected the fraud; in others, some time passed before browser developers removed these certificates from their software.[5][6]

If you are looking for a specific type of result, like a bookmark or tag, you can speed up the process of finding it by typing in special characters after each search term in the location bar separated by spaces:

Some major software contains a list of certificate authorities that are trusted by default. This makes it easier for end-users to validate certificates, and easier for people or organizations that request certificates to know which certificate authorities can issue a certificate that will be broadly trusted. This is particularly important in HTTPS, where a web site operator generally wants to get a certificate that is trusted by nearly all potential visitors to their web site.

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You need to fix the http:// URLs listed in these errors and warnings, in your site’s source. It’s helpful to make a list of these URLs, along with the page you found them on, for use when you fix them.

Well yes. But this, seemingly simple thing, is fraught with issues. First off all it’s too easy to miss a simple typo. While amaz0n.com might be easy to spot can you honestly say you’d notice if you were on amazn.com? Especially if it had a nice, green, reassuring padlock in the address bar and looked exactly like Amazon.com? It could even just be passing details back and forth to the real Amazon.com so even has all your correct profile details and past history. And that’s before we even getting started on homograph attacks, that use foreign character that look the same as regular ones.

One other thing to consider is if you’ve accidentally clicked on “FULL SCREEN”. You just need to uncheck that and your address bar will stop “hiding”. GO to “TOOLS, FULL SCREEN”. This is also done by Function F11, as someone above mentioned. I just wanted to point out what you were actually doing with F11, so if it happens again, you’ll remember what you need to do. Good Luck!

With mutual SSL/TLS, security is maximal, but on the client-side, there is no way to properly end the SSL/TLS connection and disconnect the user except by waiting for the server session to expire or closing all related client applications.

Web site testing, also known as web scanning or auditing, is a hosted service provided by Beyond Security called WSSA – Web Site Security Audit. This service requires no installation of software or hardware and is done without any interruption of web services.

Starting in October, Google is upping the ante on security. It won’t just be web pages with credit card or password forms; it will be all pages with forms, and every single page in Google Chrome’s Incognito mode.

Apart from the performance benefit, resumed sessions can also be used for single sign-on, as it guarantees that both the original session and any resumed session originate from the same client. This is of particular importance for the FTP over TLS/SSL protocol, which would otherwise suffer from a man-in-the-middle attack in which an attacker could intercept the contents of the secondary data connections.[280]

SSL on your site is not working because the website is using a self-signed certificate. For a certificate to be valid, it needs to be issued by a trusted certificate authority like Comodo or Let’s Encrypt. This is something your hoster could help you with.

We are here to assist you whether you are an online consumer, security conscious merchant or a digital citizen wanting to learn more. WebsiteSecure.org provides security services designed to enhance the success of honest online businesses and to protect consumers.

In Google Chrome, the address bar (or “Omnibox”) doubles as a search plugin bar which pulls incremental returns for typed phrases from Google Suggest’s pre-emptive search. An add-on is also available for Firefox that duplicates this functionality,[3] and newer versions have the capability built-in.[4] This “Omnibox” is also capable of, in addition to the quick search function listed above, interpreting any non-URL phrase typed into it as a search on the user’s search engine of choice.[5]

One of the first things you see on this homepage is a place to enter the subject you wish to search for. If, like many people, you don’t understand how browsers work then you may assume that whatever you want to do should be entered into this field.

This one lets you select tables, a great option for large database if you know which tables you want to address. The Case-Insensitive option is also really handy to include links with capital letters.

Physical address and phone number – If the company lists a physical address and phone number there is a higher chance that they are a real business. Reputable companies will list their information so you can contact them if there is a problem.

The primary benefit of HTTPS comes from encryption. Observers can’t see the content of the information as it moves between the application and the web server. So, it’s a basic layer of privacy between your data and the outside world.

You definitely aren’t silly to mistrust a site like that. That message normally means that the stuff that is supposed to be secure is encrypted and there is other unencrypted information on the page. I said “supposed to be” because you can never be 100% sure that they got it right. Personally, I wouldn’t enter my credit card information on this kind of page.

If you’re on one of these ‘eat as much as you can for a dollar’ servers, can you be sure your host is investing in security? I doubt it. The chances are your server’s IP address will be constantly blacklisted.

Technically, the very same programming that increases the value of a web site, namely interaction with visitors, also allows scripts or SQL commands to be executed on your web and database servers in response to visitor requests. Any web-based form or script installed at your site may have weaknesses or outright bugs and every such issue presents a web security risk.

Note: Note that requests made on behalf of a plugin are blockable. We recognize, however, that user agents aren’t always in a position to mediate these requests. NPAPI plugins, for instance, often have direct network access, and can generally bypass the user agent entirely. We recommend that plugin vendors implement mixed content checking themselves to mitigate the risks outlined in this document.

In the S/MIME protocol for secure email, senders need to discover which public key to use for any given recipient. They get this information from an email certificate. Some publicly trusted certificate authorities provide email certificates, but more commonly S/MIME is used communicating within a given organization, and that organization runs its own CA, which is trusted by participants in that email system.

Leo, when using Firefox 22.0 to navigate to https://secure.pugetsoundsoftware.com, the padlock icon doesn’t show up in green color – instead, it is gray color. Surprisingly, the same is true for a few of the major financial institutions I checked out (Wells Fargo and Chase Bank). The “https” is present but the padlock icon is gray color at those websites. Is this something users should be concerned about? Thanks…

Most web browsers display a padlock when you’re viewing a site over a secure connection. When the SSL Certificate offers maximum security, the browser bar will also turn green and display the site’s credentials. Additionally, the addresses of secured pages start with https:// instead of the http:// protocol.

Sucuri scanners use the latest in fingerprinting technology allowing you to determine if your web applications are out of date, exploited with malware, or even blacklisted. Our Scanner also monitors your DNS, SSL certs & WhoIs records.

Beyond Security staff has been accumulating known issues for many years and have compiled what is arguably the world’s most complete database of security vulnerabilities. Each kind of exploit has a known combination of web site weaknesses that must be present to be accomplished. Thus by examining a server for the open port, available service and/or code that each known exploit requires, it is a simple matter to determine if a server is vulnerable to attack using that method.

Signing a message, means authentifying that you have yourself assured the authenticity of the message (most of the time it means you are the author, but not neccesarily). The message can be a text message, or someone else’s certificate. To sign a message, you create its hash, and then encrypt the hash with your private key, you then add the encrypted hash and your signed certificate with the message. The recipient will recreate the message hash, decrypts the encrypted hash using your well known public key stored in your signed certificate, check that both hash are equals and finally check the certificate.

Jump up ^ Chris (2009-02-18). “vsftpd-2.1.0 released – Using TLS session resume for FTPS data connection authentication”. Scarybeastsecurity. blogspot.com. Archived from the original on 2012-07-07. Retrieved 2012-05-17.

Delete your installation folder. Once you have completed the installation, it is not necessary to have the installer folder on your computer. It is possible for a hacker to remotely get into your computer and run the installer again. Once they get in, they can empty your database and control your website and content. Another option is to rename the installation folder rather than delete it.

Netscape Communications created HTTPS in 1994 for its Netscape Navigator web browser.[45] Originally, HTTPS was used with the SSL protocol. As SSL evolved into Transport Layer Security (TLS), HTTPS was formally specified by RFC 2818 in May 2000.

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In May 2016, it was reported that dozens of Danish HTTPS-protected websites belonging to Visa Inc. were vulnerable to attacks allowing hackers to inject malicious code and forged content into the browsers of visitors.[261] The attacks worked because the TLS implementation used on the affected servers incorrectly reused random numbers (nonces) that are intended be used only once, ensuring that each TLS handshake is unique.[261]

You guys are easy to work with and very helpful. I really appreciate that you took the time to explain the differences between a regular and EV certificate so I could make the best decision for our company.

Symantec Encryption Everywhere is a turn-key partnership program that enables you to bring security solutions to small business owners, some of whom-right now-have nothing in place, and have no idea of how dangerous that is.

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The results from automated tests can be daunting, as they present a wealth of potential issues. The important thing is to focus on the critical issues first. Each issue reported normally comes with a good explanation of the potential vulnerability. You will probably find that some of the medium/low issues aren’t a concern for your site.

Wow! I just read this now and while I knew the importance of securing your site, I never imagined that Google ranked site based on their perceived security. Thanks for this, I’m off to secure my site!